David Michael Bruno

Privileged to be a simplifier, entrepreneur, author, speaker, learner, instructor, colleague, and friend. I light up when, in one or more of those roles, I can inspire human flourishing.

100JapaneseThe 100 Thing Challenge (Harper, 2010)
describes a personal simple-living challenge; for a year I lived with 100 things. The book has been translated into several languages including Japanese, Italian, and Spanish. It has encouraged many thousands of people the world over to unplug from excessive consumerism and pursue a simpler life.

Media also found the 100 Thing Challenge fascinating and covered it extensively across the globe. David has spoken nationally and internationally about simplicity. He has appeared in Time Magazine, Mother Jones Magazine, the London Times, the Guardian, and many other media. Though not proved, he believes he is perhaps the only person to receive positive press from both BoingBoing and the 700 Club. A few highlights include:

Time Magazine | BoingBoing | 700 Club | Mother Jones | and quite a bit more

  • “Desire and Simplicity.” A presentation delivered with Russ Ramsey at Hutchmoot. Nashville: 2015.
  • “Simplicity Is Action.” A presentation delivered at TEDxClaremontColleges. Claremont: 2012.
  • “Rethinking Consumer Behavior.” A presentation delivered at SXSW Interactive. Austin: 2011.
  • “Simplicity and Faith.” A presentation delivered at North Central College. Naperville: 2011.
  • “The American Consumer Journey.” A presentation delivered at Carroll College. Helena: 2008.

Recently I founded SMPLFR. It is a space agency, using simplicity to help clients flourish.

I received an MA in Religion in American Life at Wheaton College and a BA in Bible and Theology from Moody Bible Institute. At Point Loma Nazarene University I teach sustainability as an adjunct professor in the school of business.

My wife of twenty years and our three tween-to-teenage daughters live with me in Southern California.

Please reach out if you would like to explore how I can be of help to you.