Have you ever noticed what goes unseen? Tristan Harris’s Hyjack #1 explains why we, in our technologically mediated times, miss so much. There’s only so many options on a menu. Only so many headlines fit in the headlines. Podcasts are unary and linear narratives. Picture-in-Picture allows for about five (very distracted) views.

There are more life options than make it into a website’s main navigation. The headlines are an infinitesimally small sampling of headline-worthy news. When we listen to a podcast, we are not listening to millions of other voices. And for the love our brains, let’s just get rid of television altogether, mostly.

The point is that so much more happens than what is brought to our attention by those who choose the menus. When our options make us anxious and nervous and mad, there are thousands of anecdotes for our concerns just waiting to be noticed. So the next time we feel stuck with the options we have available to us, let’s do this. Let’s find a good thing that has not made the menu and then amplify it.

Posted by David Bruno

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