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Year in Book (and some other media) Review 2015

In 2015 I returned to the written page. Not that I did not read much in 2014. I did. But this year I remained on pace with the good intentions I set each January. Also, I turned to the spoken page this year. It might seem odd that having co-founded an audiobook publisher, I have not in the past been much of an audiobook listener. But an Audible subscription greatly increased my reading and helped redeem my commute. Besides books, I kept my nose in many individual articles, Books & Culture, The Hedgehog Review, and toward the end of the year a fresh subscription to The Economist. As usual, I watched fewer movies. But like so many others, I was smitten by George Miller’s Mad Max Fury Road. The most musical plays went to Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors, Medicine. I am a book guy, though. So here is the annotated list, highlighting favorites. Read More



A Note: Several months ago I wrote this post and since then have taken steps to re-engage the topics of personal simplicity and cultural sustainability. There is more to come. I have made a few small edits to this post and added a short reflection to the end.

What to say? For a couple of years now I have been hesitant to engage publicly on issues of excessive consumerism, sustainability, and personal simplicity. A number of excuses kept me from writing and speaking. One has been self-doubt. Is it really my place to have a public voice on these issues? Another has been worry of offending people who feel judged by voluntary minimalists, many of whom, like myself, live fabulously comfortable lives far removed from the harsh realities of “forced minimalism,” i.e. extreme poverty. Read More