I create middle makers. Relationships need a space to develop. Families have the dinner table; college students have the quad; and executives have the boardroom. Your organization needs its own spaces, too, be they physical or virtual to connect with the people important to you. I like to call such places “The Middle,” and I shine at helping you make middle spaces work for you and the people you serve.


Amplify human flourishing by developing middle makers who create spaces where relationships thrive.

Work With Dave

Expertise I bring to your challenges:

  • Build objectives-based consensus across diverse teams
  • Develop digital strategies and measurements that support goals
  • Tame complexity through simplicity
  • Expert workshop facilitator
  • Apply design thinking and systems thinking to product development and marketing

Accomplishing great things requires perseverance and collaboration. I count it a privilege to journey alongside you and your organization to get great things done.

Work With Dave

What People I Work With Say

Dave has been an amazing man to get to know. He has a very thoughtful approach to decision making which allows him to make wise choices. I’ve appreciated the care he demonstrates for his team and his business relationships. As a digital leader, he is practical and data-driven while also appreciating the softer-side of experience design.

Ryan Hanawalt, President at Domain7

Dave is a visionary with good insight and a knack for entrepreneurial strategy.

Cory Verner, President at ChristianAudio

Dave really understands and cares about Christian higher education. He constantly creates space for his team to share industry knowledge and best practices. He is the best kind of leader – one who inspires and quarterbacks.

Sharon Ayala, Integrated Marketing Manager at Point Loma Nazarene University

David helped our team think through how we think about how we interact with and meet our donors. His method of breaking down complexity into simple and clear strategies was easily understood and readily adopted. He really understands how to move a team.

Christi Huizenga, Director of Development and Marketing at Plant with Purpose